On the Road with Illinois Rosé

6.10 – Blue Sky Vineyard 2017 Rosé with The Brazilionaires!

“I was thrilled with the crowd last night!”

I met up with Rico Johnson and Dove Benoit, founders of the outstanding Brazilian dance/party sensation known as The Brazilionaires, at their swanky Bossa Nova Pad a day after they headlined the Pour Bros fest in Peoria Heights, IL. bzaThe weather was perfect for this outdoor performance, and an enormous crowd showed up for a three-hour tour of bossa nova standards, originals, and creative covers of popular music in a traditional Brazilian style. The Brazilionaires have a real knack for bringing and sustaining a great energy that is fun for everyone.

I’ve known Dove and Rico for a while – I think I was at their first show back in 2012 at the Black Rabbit in downtown Peoria, and got to know them a little at a house party or two ahead of that event. It was clear to me then that these two had a real chemistry, and a great sense of style. They now live and record in Nashville, TN, but still get back to Illinois as often as they can. If you haven’t heard them, here’s a nice introduction. However, I’d encourage you all to get out and see them live!

Since the rosé project began, I’ve been thinking about wine and music, and the bossa nova sound really clicks with rosé wine. They’re both upbeat and fun, but maintain a balance of heart and soul underneath the surface. Some musical styles can wear a person down over time (as can some wines!), but bossa nova has this great balance of rhythm and tenderness that you can listen to for days without getting fatigued. Setting also has a lot of influence – rosé feels at home at a pool party, with dinner, and late at night, but the emotional impact changes according to the situation. Bossa nova hits me in a very similar way.

The wine I chose for this session is Blue Sky Vineyard’s 2017 Rosé. This is one of the most-decorated rosé wines in the project, taking home medals from multiple competitions year after year. bsv labelMost recently, they took a gold at the 2018 Experience Rosé International Wine Competition! Last year, this wine took the Governor’s Cup for Illinois-grown rosé at the 2017 Illinois State Fair Wine Competition. Within the Illinois wine community, Blue Sky winemakers Karen Hand and Kaleb Wilson are renowned for their creativity, work ethic, and attention to detail.  They make a ton of great wines from many different grapes, most being grown in the Shawnee Hills American Viticulture Area in southern Illinois. However, they don’t get enough credit for the emotional impact (aka soul?) of the wines the produce (from vineyard to bottle). I guess that is harder to measure, but Blue Sky Wines aren’t just technically great, they connect with people on a deeper level. Blue Sky Vineyard also happens to be one of the most beautiful sites in all of Illinois.

Rico and Dove are just the people I needed to help me see the wine in a different way. They’re not wine industry professionals, but have a profound relationship with wine on their own terms. The first time I met Rico we spent a most of our time discussing the ‘Chambourcin’ grapes he was growing in his backyard. Dove, an enthusiastic cook, has recently begun experimenting with wines within the context of a meal. In fact, she prepared and arranged a nice array of appetizers for us to play with during our tasting. One of the takeaways was that salty and creamy foods each pair great with this wine, but the impact is felt in different ways.

bsv bottle lavaInstead of focusing on the sensory descriptors, etc., we took a more creative approach.  I challenged them to focus on how the wine makes them feel first.  We started things off with simple word association:

  • Dreamy strawberry
  • Smooth but crisp
  • Expressive
  • Intense and fruity
  • Romantic

They nailed it – this wine has an intense, balanced nose of fresh strawberry and floral notes, with a little citrus beneath the surface.  All that flavor creates the illusion of sweetness on the palate, but the wine is very dry, with a crisp, acidic finish.

The terms “dreamy”, “expressive”, and “romantic” were exactly what I was looking for! In wine professional circles, these terms aren’t used much because we try to dissect a wine into its definable parts.  However, people often use these because it’s a way to communicate how a wine makes them feel, which in my opinion is every bit as important as being able to describe the wine itself. Because these two clearly love music, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the romance and connect this wine with music, specifically the bossa nova sound. My question: “You’re at a pool party, the sun is shining bright, and you’re about to take a leisurely trip down a water slide into a pool filled with this rosé. What’s the song you want to be the soundtrack for your ride?”

Dove immediately recommended “O Barquinho” by Karrin Allyson. This song is smooth and playful, but has an interesting balance of light and dark elements. I get the connection, and the song is great! I wanted to to mine this a little more, and asked them to create an official Brazilionaires Rosé playlist.

Perfect with a Glass of Rosé


What really got me excited is how surprised both Dove and Rico were about this wine.  “This might be the best Illinois wine I’ve ever tried! I would definitely buy this again.” said Rico. As luck would have it, their trip back to Nashville happens to take them right through the Shawnee Hills, so I expect they’ll be able to get up close and personal with the winery very soon.

The Brazilionaires and the Illinois Rosé Project have a lot in common.  “As performers, we’re always trying to stretch our demographic and reach new people who may not be that familiar with us, or Latin music in general.” said Rico.  Sound familiar?  The Brazilionaires are trying to build a bridge to bossa nova, just like the Illinois rosé project is trying to build a bridge to locally grown wine for new consumers!

Just as we were wrapping things up, Dove brought out a surprise! A Provence rosé appeared from the chiller, and was presented for a quick comparison. Provence is in southeastern France, and probably has the strongest reputation for rosé wine quality in the world. This region is largely responsible for the tremendous rise in the popularity of rosé in the United States, and is the standard to which all dry rosés are held. I’m happy to share that we all preferred the wine from Blue Sky! Without getting into too much detail, I can share that I was heartened to see how favorably Illinois wine can compare with other wines from around the world, especially from highly-acclaimed regions and producers.


So, if you’re new to Illinois wine, give this Blue Sky Vineyards rosé a try!  Thanks so much to Blue Sky Vineyards and The Brazilionaires for lending a hand and to our project sponsors:

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